Applications for a place for September 2015

We are continuing to make a very small number of offers from the waiting list. If you have questions, email our admissions team on admissions@maryleboneschool.org

Parents of Year 7 boys

Please check our parent page for the latest news and information.

Staff recruitment for September 2015

We are currently recruiting for a subject leader in Maths, and for teaching assistants, to join us in September 2015. There is more information on our staff vacancies page.

Works at Priory Park Road site

The work is finally starting on our new kitchen! Other work will also be happening in preparation for September 2015. The builders have put up a temporary hoarding around the outside area in order to make things more secure while they are on site.

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  • @MaryleboneSCH Have a great half term everyone and a nice rest 22/05/2015 - View Tweet

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