2017/18 curriculum

We have launched our new look Curriculum and Enrichment programme for 2017/2018.

In order that you and your son to better understand the new look programme, we have created an information booklet, which is available for you download here: Information Booklet.





  • @MaryleboneSCH Our winners of Ms Biggins' Y9 boat floating competition. Gebril and Ali were the overall winners with their boat ca https://t.co/q6VJzyZYz0 17/11/2017 - View Tweet

  • @MaryleboneSCH Exploring the energy and Maths galleries @sciencemuseum and dressing up for the opera @V_and_A #creativequarter https://t.co/TP96HxPMOJ 17/11/2017 - View Tweet

  • @MaryleboneSCH Our boys attended an Armistice assembly at Paddington Cemetery today. https://t.co/h7cNE2DzQB 10/11/2017 - View Tweet

  • @MaryleboneSCH This morning Year 10 have been learning about ionic bonding #tableshavemanyuses #inventiveteaching https://t.co/DrvSn7Nnt9 10/11/2017 - View Tweet