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Welcome to Marylebone Boys’ School, London, a uniquely located secondary all-boys' school. The school was established in 2014 and offers traditional, academically rigorous education for boys. 

We launched a mixed Sixth Form in 2019 and we operate a dedicated centre for this cohort on North Wharf Road in short proximity to our main site.

The school had its first Ofsted inspection in May 2017 and received a 'Good' rating. Our second inspection followed in November 2022 and we are delighted to share that we maintained our 'Good' rating. Further details about our inspection can be found here.

In August 2022, MBS received its latest set of GCSE and A Level examinations results. You can view our exam results here.

We embrace our motto, Studio et industria (Latin for “through application and hard work”), and ensure appropriate support and stretch for each individual.

As part of our school mission, we teach our students to develop our three MBS core values:


MBS boys will be professional leaders who conduct themselves professionally, ensuring respectful interactions with all peers and adults to allow them to become successful, independent citizens in their community and career.


MBS boys will be positive role models who are rewarded for their hard work and are able to use feedback as an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. Students will have a positive and collaborative approach to learning, contributing fully at all times.


MBS boys will be productive citizens who are ambitious and work hard; they will take opportunities within the curriculum to use the ‘4 R Learning Powers’ (Resourcefulness, Reciprocity, Resilience and Reflection) and have a growth mindset, allowing them to embrace new challenges and always work to their absolute maximum.

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