In-year admissions, Year 7-11 

The school welcomes applications from all open year groups, as vacancies can arise from time to time. Applications for the in-year admissions can be done by completing the Common Application Form on the City of Westminster, School Admissions webpage here.

Prospective pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND)

Please read our SEN offer here, and contact the school on if you would like any more information.

Admissions policies 

Determined Admission Arrangements Notice

In accordance with Regulation 17 of the School Admissions Regulations 2012, admission arrangements must be formally determined by the responsible admission authority. 

The Governing Body of Marylebone Boys’ School hereby formally determine the admission arrangements for the academic year of entry 2024/25.

No changes were made to the admission arrangements from the previous year except for statutory dates. 

Admissions arrangements 2024-2025

Appeal dates and procedures

Information about MBS admissions appeal dates and procedures can be found here.

Admissions arrangements 2025-2026

In accordance with Regulation 21 of the Regulations and Section 88 of the SSFA 1998, any person or body who considered that any maintained school or Academy's arrangements are unlawful, or not compliant with the Code or relevant law relating to admissions, can make an objection to the Schools Adjudicator. 

Link to objections to the Schools Adjudicator.

Previous admissions policies 

Admissions arrangements 2023-2024

Please see the school prospectus below.

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