Black History Month

Black History Month
October is Black History Month (BHM). The month is a time to reflect on all the positive contributions Black people have made in the development of Britain. For countless generations, people of African and Caribbean descent have been shaping our nation’s story, making a huge difference to our national and cultural life and helping to make Britain the diverse and multicultural country it is today. That contribution is overwhelmingly apparent today in the energy, talent and dedication of business leaders, lawyers, academics, musicians, artists and many more.
At MBS, we launched our month of activities with Ms Mingle delivering an excellent series of lectures on Black History to our students in their assemblies. The series of lectures culminated in a moving and informative presentation to our Year 11 students on the history between Africa and Great Britain starting before colonisation, during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Scramble for Africa and the years of independence post colonialism. 

Our library also has a BHM display with fiction and non-fiction titles available for our students to borrow and read during the month. There are a series of posters up around the school giving our boys more detail on this important event. 

In Maths, every year groups starter lesson task has been focused around BHM. Whether it be a maths puzzle or tricky equation, the boys have been learning about inspirational public figures and facts about BHM.


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