Marylebone Boys’ School is an academically rigorous secondary all-boys school with a mixed sixth form. We believe that knowledge and skills are available to all who are prepared to work for it. Furthermore, we believe in the setting of high expectations for all students, within a framework which is tailored to meet the distinctive needs of different groups of learners.

From day one of Year 7, we believe it is essential that our boys are offered a deep grounding in core academic subjects by engaging with essential GCSE skills as well as subject specific knowledge and understanding. We believe that this acquisition of high level knowledge combined with the application of core skills is an important partnership. Every pupil will strive to achieve the EBacc qualification, and master a wide selection of academic subjects including sport through a 5 year curriculum.

Furthermore, it is our core belief that the boys will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in every aspect of their life at secondary school and beyond. For us, this means delivering an academic curriculum, as well as a robust personal development programme consisting of enrichment, tailored intervention, PSHCE and exposure to the variety of different careers. This all-encompassing curriculum aims to instil a set of independent learning habits, mind-sets and behaviours to ensure success in later life.

We believe that teaching is about supporting pupils to get better at knowing, finding out, enquiring and figuring things out. Our approach to teaching and learning is rooted in our three core values which we strive to instil in all of our pupils: Positivity, Professionalism and Productivity.

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