At Marylebone Boys' School, our goal is to support our students to achieve their full academic potential and to give them a broad range of experiences to enable them to become well-rounded resilient citizens prepared for life beyond school. The money we receive from the state covers all our basic expenses and running costs, but does not give us the funds to enhance our students’ education beyond the classroom as much as we would like.

For the first time, at the suggestion of many parents, we are asking if you would consider making a voluntary contribution to support the school. We hope to provide more laptops, improve IT provision, have more books in the library, and increase access to off-site sports facilities, as well as to improve the school environment generally, but will not be able to achieve these aims without your help.

For example:

  • £20 one off donation would buy two non-fiction books or graphic novels for the library
  • £20 a month donation would pay for all necessary software licences for music lessons
  • £500 one off donation would buy a new class laptop or the hubcap of a new minibus!

There are about 600 families at MBS. If half were able to donate just £10 per month that would bring in £36,000 each year. We could fund the purchase of a minibus for sports in just one year! And if you can spare £20 a month, think what a difference that would make to your child’s school experience.

Donations are entirely voluntary; we do not want anyone to feel under any obligation to contribute, or to suffer any financial hardship by doing so.

You might like to make a one-off donation, or give a regular monthly amount. Please go to ParentPay and click on the 'Voluntary donation' payment item. 

And if you are a UK taxpayer, the School can recover another 25p from the Government through Gift Aid for every £1 you give, turning a £20 monthly donation into £25 at no extra cost to you. If you would like to Gift Aid, please download this form and return it to the school by emailing or by handing it in at reception. 


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