Independent Learning

Core principles:

  • All students will be set personalised, meaningful homework, rooted in the 4R learning powers
  • All students will be set one hour of homework by each subject once per week
  • All teachers will upload homework on to our FROG virtual learning platform each week for pupils to access
  • All students will develop their skills in time management in order to manage their workload and adhere to all homework deadlines
  • All homework will be self or peer assessed and checked by teachers in lessons

For instructions on how to access RMunify and FROG from outside school, please download the Powerpoint guide here. Further information and a direct access link to FROG is coming soon.

All students will be set meaningful homework, rooted in the 4Rs

Homework should be set with our learning behaviours in mind.

  • Resilience: actively interested, not afraid to take risks, recovering from set-backs
  • Resourcefulness: Problem solving, thinking methodically, deeply and independently
  • Reflection: constantly reconsidering, thinking deeply, re-articulating, improving
  • Reciprocity: learning with others, actively listening and responding

Weekly homework will include a range of different tasks and activities which will embed at least one of our four learning powers.  See below for some example approaches regarding how homework is set.


We will use ‘flipped’ learning in order to develop resourcefulness.  Students will be introduced to the learning material before class so that classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities.  This could include providing students with some pre-reading, videos to view, or research tasks and asking them to make notes before coming to the lesson or create a presentation. 


Pupils may be asked to complete a review activity whereby prior learning is recapped or reviewed to ensure learners are ready for the next topic/lesson.  Pupils might be asked to green-pen a piece of written work, act upon feedback and re-write a piece of work in order to learn from previous misconceptions.


Students may be asked to finish off and/or extend a piece of work completed in class. Pupils may be asked to learn key knowledge in preparation for a knowledge quiz in the next lesson.


Through collaborative work students can learn from each other. This will be the most advanced form of homework as it should require students to take time to work together on a joint project.

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