New Year 7 Parents


Welcome by the SLT link to Year 7

Dear Parents, Carers and the MBS Students of the Class of 2025!

I hope you are all as excited as we are to welcome you to Marylebone Boys’ School!

My name is Ms Rogers and I have been at Marylebone Boys’ School since 2016, and this year I am starting a new role as the SLT link to Year 7. I am confident that this will be such an exciting year for all of us and I cannot wait to meet you all!

In five years, you will be The Class of 2025 and have a fantastic set of GCSE results which will equip you will all the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. However, as much as these qualifications are important, I hope you will also have made lots of memories and be proud of all your achievements. At Marylebone Boys’ School, we talk a lot about the 3Ps; Positivity, Professionalism and Productivity. It is our aim that you become positive, professional and productive young men, and I will make sure I do everything I can to help you do that.

I teach French and Spanish (and a little bit of Latin) and I am passionate about languages and travelling. I also like to cook for my friends and go to the theatre.

I understand that this transition to Secondary School might feel overwhelming but you have an excellent team to support you through all of the exciting times and the challenging times. You have a wonderful Head of Year and Mr Adnani will always be on hand to support you.

We of course appreciate that you did not have the opportunity to finish your time at primary school in the way you would have wanted. We are also trying to find ways in which you can come into school before September to meet some of the teachers, meet your form group and form tutor and experience what a typical MBS day looks like. We will be in contact about this possibility as soon as we can.

Be safe, hope to see you in person soon and we will definitely meet in September!

Yours sincerely,

Ms Rogers

Acting Assistant Headteacher


Uniform list

We expect all of our students to wear our school uniform and we look for support from parents in ensuring that the boys take pride in their personal appearance while at school and on their way to and from the building.

There are certain items with the school logo which must be obtained from our outfitters, John Lewis, but the majority of items can be obtained from high street retailers providing they conform to our colour code. The school bag is compulsory and can be purchased directly from school as part of our Welcome Pack. The school scarf is optional and can also be purchased directly from school.

These items are compulsory and must be purchased through John Lewis (prices are subject to change):


Cost range

Blazer with logo

£40.00 - £51.00

Jumper V neck with stripe detail

£21.00 - £27.00

School tie


White sports polo shirt with logo

£11.00 - £13.00

MBS logo rugby shirt navy/grey

£42.00 - £45.00

Swimming trunks - navy Speedo-type (not loose fitting swim shorts)


The following items are optional and can be purchased from the places shown:



Available from

Striped school scarf



Navy tracksuit top with logo

£30.00 - £39.00

John Lewis

Navy tracksuit trousers

£21.00 - £27.00

John Lewis

The following items are compulsory, and are available from John Lewis or other high street retailers:


Cost range

Navy P.E. shorts

£3.00 - £8.00

Long sleeved white shirt

£10.00 - £16.00 pack of two

Dark grey trousers

£15.00 - £19.00

Black formal leather shoes - not trainer style


Football astro trainers - no studs or blades


Football/Rugby studded/blades boots for grass


Black, dark grey or navy socks (no patterns or logos)

£5.00 - £6.00 pack of five

White sports socks

£5.00 - £6.00 pack of five

White knee length sports socks for when shin pads are needed


School coat - plain navy or black   coat without any motifs or logos

Around £38.00 - £43.00

Shin pads for hockey (basic football shin pads are fine)


The following items are compulsory and must be purchased directly from school:



School bag with logo (new year 7s – see below)


Boys starting Year 7 in September must purchase a Welcome Pack from school for £30.00.  This includes the following:

  • School bag with logo – to be purchased from school
  • Summer reading book – given to boys at the student induction afternoon.
  • Gum shield for sports – boys will receive this at their first P.E. lesson


Welcome by the Head of Year 7

Dear Parents, Carers and the MBS Students of the Class of 2025!

Welcome to MBS! My name is Mr Adnani and I have been a Maths and Computer Science teacher for the past 11 years and currently entering my third year at Marylebone Boys' School. My biggest achievement in my career is taking a cohort of 180 students from year 7 to year 13 and seeing them achieving their dreams. Most important person in my life is my mum and I always endeavour to make sure I can make her proud.

It is so very strange to be writing to you about Year 6 into Year 7 transition in these unprecedented times and how the transition journey to Marylebone Boys’ School is going to have to adapt and look different this year. Typically, MBS staff would have already started going into primary schools, meeting lots of excited and curious Year 6s and having in depth discussions with their teachers. Transition to secondary school is one of the biggest and most significant changes in a child's life, which is why at MBS we place the utmost importance on getting it right to ensure all of our new Year 7 students are happy, motivated and primed to be the best that they can be.

We will continue to work with primary schools as we always have to find out as much as we can about your son before they begin life at MBS. What I can say with absolute certainty is that we are very much looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you into the family.

Our approach to transition consists of a bespoke programme of events that is tailored to enable all new students feel the warm welcome that MBS offers and to develop an awareness and application of key attributes that make an outstanding learner. We help to nurture students who are bold, creative, unafraid to take risks in their learning, believe in their abilities and demonstrate resilience no matter the challenge in front of them. Our aim is to instil these skills in our students from the very beginning so that they can go on to be the best that they can be.

In the following term we would usually have an interview day for you and your son to come in and meet a member of staff, an information evening for parents to come and meet the MBS team and a taster day for the students to experience what an MBS day at looks like. We would still very much like to go ahead with these events as it is crucial for the success of your son but this will dramatically depend on what the new government guidelines with Covid-19 will be during June and July. The school is also looking at alternate ways of delivering these sessions to you and your son.

Yours sincerely

Mr Adnani

Head of Year 7


Enrichment Autumn Term 2020

The enrichment options for the Autumn Term 2020 can be viewed in the Enrichment Curriculum booklet below.

Enrichment Curriculum booklet

After viewing the options, please click on the link below to indicate which enrichment activity your son would like to participate in. All students in Year 7 must participate in at least one activity during the term.

IMPORTANT - due to government guidelines about how schools will operate in September 2020 following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unlikely that enrichment activities will start straightaway. However, we would like students to sign up for their activities now so that once we are able to run our full curriculum the students will already be timetabled in their enrichment groups and they can start.


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