Pastoral Care

Pastoral Support

At Marylebone Boys’ School we believe that every pupil is able to achieve their full potential and they will be supported to do so. Our ethos is one of Christian care and compassion for the individual.
Our pastoral care and support operates via a year-group system in which every pupil is cared for by two form tutors, a Head of Year and an Assistant Headteacher. Every pupil is also part of a House Group that is small enough to make them feel a sense of belonging and motivation. This also fuels a sense of healthy competition between the boys to spur them on in the annual quest of the House Cup!
As the boys move through the school, they will have connections with older boys in their House who can mentor and challenge them. Likewise, they will be able to gain experience of supporting younger pupils. We are also building a rigid structure of Student Leadership and responsibility into our vision to include School Council and Student Ambassadors.
All staff prioritise the safeguarding and wellbeing of pupils, as well as their academic progress and success. We will keep detailed records, and parents will receive regular updates, to ensure that achievements can be celebrated and that support will be available in more challenging times. Those who need more time and practice can be given the extra support they need, and expectations of final outcomes will remain high for them.
Our Year groups run from Year 7 up to Year 12 and our four houses, named after men whose inspiring achievements helped shape the world we live in today, are:

  • Brunel 
  • Darwin 
  • Faraday 
  • Newton  

 You can download a copy of our Behaviour and Attitudes to Learning and Anti-Bullying Policy from our Policies page here


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