Pupil report on Careers Week trip

Following our Scholars Club visit to the brand new Brunel Building in Paddington Basin, we share a detailed trip report written by Thomas B in Year 7.

On the 5th of June, my fellow members of the Scholars Club and I went on a trip to meet people from Derwent construction.

At the beginning of the trip, we met the Senior Marketing Coordinator and Operations Manager of Derwent Construction who recently built the Brunel Building in Paddington Basin. They took us to their marketing barge in the canal to explain its purpose. It was quite modern and stylish. They also shared their interactive marketing video with us and talked about many things regarding campaigns, including how long a campaign takes to plan and how they choose the look of the campaign.

The team told us how they decide on a personality for the building and the tools to find tenants plus more. And they also showed us a magnificent model of the building to scale with working lights. It helped visualise the building in full and understand the beams that hold the building up. The model even opened up so we could see the floors inside. They also explained what their job involves as well as how far in advance they carry out key tasks before people begin occupying the building.

In conclusion, the trip was a really unique and great experience for all of us and we can't wait until the Brunel building is fully finished!

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