Pupil shout-outs

It has been a fantastic week of pupil work and contributions. Here are just a few examples of our pupils' achievements shared by members of the teaching staff:

Ms Lee – Science

  • Yousif T in 7D for keeping 7D up to date with how to log into lessons, the timings of the day and for always being upbeat on our tutor chat.
  • Rayan and Tolu from 7Sc3 for being the top 2 Educake users in Year 7.
  • 8Sc3 for some really great participation and reciprocity, helping those who were struggling to get into the lesson or access all the resources.
  • 9Sc5 for really good attendance, participation and enthusiasm.
  • Aslan in 7D for giving tech support to his peers.Ms O’Neill - Maths
  • A big shout out to 8Ma3 for continuing to work brilliantly and the professionalism shown during online lessons.
  • A big thank you to Milo in Year 10 for being so helpful to his peers when they're experiencing technical difficulties and always being respectful during online lessons.

Ms Greenlees – History

  • Well done to Rayan S in Year 7 for incredibly clear communication with his history teacher when sending through the work he has done after a virtual lesson.

Ms Mitchell – English

  • A shout-out to 9En5 who are behaving so beautifully on our lessons via Teams and their contributions are impeccable! I couldn't ask for a more enthusiastic group.

Ms Hussain – English

  • My Year 7s have written amazing Cyclops ‘retells’ - they’ve re-created the Cyclops story by presenting him as the victim. Rayan S’s (in 7 B) story really stands out and I am in awe at his use of ambitious vocabulary, his brilliant description and the way his story is written. The way he presents Polyphemus as the victim is absolutely great, you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Rayan’s work is below.  
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