Marylebone Boy's School Prospectus

Main School Prospectus 2023-24 Year 7 to Year 11

At Marylebone Boys’ School (MBS), we support our students to achieve their full academic potential and to become wellrounded, resilient citizens who are prepared for life beyond school. All students can achieve their goals through application and hard work, reflected in our school motto ‘ Studio et Industria’. We are a friendly all boys’ secondary school located in Paddington. Our curriculum has a strong focus on core subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Languages and Humanities. Throughout Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), all students study Latin, Critical Thinking and Political Literacy, because we know these subjects instil a thirst for knowledge and underpin the values of good learning. We understand starting a new school can be daunting. At MBS, we try to make the transition from primary to secondary school as seamless as possible. This is why we host several new starter events and a summer school programme to enable every child to feel happy, safe and excited to start school with us. Our fantastic extended curriculum supports the school’s academic curriculum by allowing students to develop a range of skills and personal qualities through a series of extra-curricular opportunities. Each year, students take part in a variety of activities and experiences through their ‘MBS Passport’. Students track and reflect on their personal development journey as they progress through the school. Each passport has its own strapline, for example, in Year 7 it is “ Becoming part of the MBS family”. The first year is all about allowing every child to explore their interests and understand what it means to be an MBS student. 2 MBS is an inclusive school, where all students are nurtured and encouraged to achieve their best. We welcome students from a diverse range of communities. We have high expectations academically and behaviourally. We support students to achieve their goals through strong pastoral relationships and by having clear boundaries of right and wrong. We focus on getting to know each individual child and put emphasis on strong student-teacher relationships. Our nurturing environment allows students to meet our high standards of personal and professional conduct and leadership. The school has a comprehensive pastoral and behavioural system to ensure the emotional, physical and mental welfare of each student is met. As part of our commitment to student welfare, every child chooses two trusted adults within the school who they can speak with about any concerns. They can also receive support from their Form Tutor and Head of Year. These support platforms help every student to feel safe and happy within the school environment. We also understand that each child has different needs and take into account their past experiences. If a child needs extra support, we build a tailored education plan that can help guide them through school life. We are a centrally located London school and have many public transport links, with the closest station being Paddington. Our location puts us at the heart of a prestigious business area. We work with local community programmes, Paddington Partnership and Paddington Central, which facilitate connections between our school and a wide range of businesses that support us with work experience, mentoring and guest speakers. We are very proud of our vast connections and believe the exposure to these opportunities are key for each students’ personal development. “ I am proud to be the founding Headteacher at Marylebone Boys’ School. Our aim is for our students to stand out as intellectually confident, resilient, caring and happy individuals who would be a credit to themselves and the school.” Richard Ardron Founding Headteacher, Marylebone Boys’ School

Marylebone Boys’ School 3 To support our school mission, we teach our students to develop three MBS core values. We call these the three ‘Ps’: Professionalism Students are professional leaders who conduct themselves in a professional manner, ensuring respectful interactions with all peers and adults to allow them to become successful and independent citizens in their community and career. School Culture Positivity Students are positive role models who are rewarded for their hard work and are able to use feedback as an opportunity to develop their skills and abilities. They have a positive approach to learning and peers and contribute fully at all times. Productivity Students are productive citizens who are ambitious and work hard; they take opportunities within the curriculum to use the ‘4R Learning Powers’ (Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity and Reflection) and have a ‘growth mind-set’, allowing them to embrace new challenges. MBS boys always work to their absolute best at all times. “ My son flourished under the care and attention of MBS. He blossomed from an underachieving primary school leaver to a confident, articulate Year 11, gaining some fantastic grades, including six Grade 9s. MBS staff take time to get to know every student personally. The school combines academic rigour with a desire to get the best out of every boy. It is a happy, busy and inspiring place to learn.” Parent of Year 11 student

Marylebone Boys’ School 4 MBS teaches the National Curriculum in Key Stage 3 and offers a wide-range of GCSE subjects in Key Stage 4. The school also offers a rigorous A Level programme in the sixth form for both girls and boys. Our purpose-built Sixth Form Centre, on the same road as the main school site, extends the range of excellent facilities we are able to offer our students. In Key Stage 3, we teach to the National Curriculum and go beyond to enrich the students’ learning experience. We focus on the core of mainstream academic subjects, and unlike many schools, we teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics as individual subjects from Year 7 in order to encourage students to take the opportunity to study triple science at GCSE. Core subjects taken in Year 7 English Maths Languages History Biology Chemistry Physics Geography Art Design & Technology PE Critical Thinking Teaching “ One of the best decisions I made was to enrol both my sons at MBS - a school which they can call a second home and find a sense of belonging. MBS continually supports my sons by aiding in their development and enhancing their skills. This support extends further as they seek to build a strong community outside of the school. The communication between the school and parents remain unmatched and I cannot appreciate enough all the effort and work they put in to keep the school running.” Parent of Year 7 and Year 11 students

We believe that a strong performance in English is the foundation for success, both academically and in life beyond school. Raising the standard of reading and writing, as well as speaking and listening, is an objective in every subject, not just in English lessons – literacy is embedded in all learning at MBS. The school library is fundamental in encouraging our students to have a love for reading. Students enjoy spending time in the library. During break and lunch times, students can read, play board games or use the computers for study. Literacy sessions are hosted in the library and we can track reading ages of all students. We also have a dedicated reading programme to support students who may struggle or guide them where they need inspiration. It is compulsory for students to study Latin, and either French or Spanish as part of their language course at Key Stage 3. The students also have the opportunity to sit a GCSE in their own home community language. The school has a range of creative and performance-based subjects which allow our students to explore their individual talents, develop their skills and creative abilities. Subjects include Music, Art, Design & Technology, Computer Science and Physical Education. Students regularly exhibit their work, perform at end-of-term showcase concerts and participate in wider community events. Our commitment to high-quality sports is a key strength of the school, with PE being a popular option at GCSE and an A Level subject that we are proud to offer. All students participate in PE lessons, with a focus on team sports including basketball, football, athletics and cricket. When joining MBS, students are placed into one of four house groups: • Brunel • Darwin • Faraday • Newton We run inter-house competitions and sporting fixtures every year, which are an essential part of developing students’ skills in cooperation, teamwork and resilience. We participate in a range of sports competitions with other Westminster schools, where our sportsmen excel. Both of our school sites offer excellent sports facilities including three sports halls, a wellequipped gym and a rooftop sports pitch. Thanks to our excellent location, we are also able to take our students to high-quality local sports pitches including Regent’s Park and Paddington Recreation Ground. In accordance with the SEND Code of Practice (2014), we follow a graduated approach to provide support for pupils with additional needs, adopting the cycle of ‘assess-plan-do-review’. All students are assessed on their literacy, wellbeing and cognitive reasoning on arrival at MBS. By working closely with primary schools, we are able to provide new joiners a successful transition to secondary school; this is particularly helpful for those with additional needs so that we can best support them from their first day in secondary school. Our approach to teaching allows us to identify any support requirements that our students might need from very early on; when necessary we adjust the timetable to give extra lessons in key foundation subjects to students who need them. To support the transition from primary to secondary school, we place students into bands to suit their academic needs. This ensures each student can achieve their greatest learning potential. Learning groups are flexible and constantly reviewed according to progress over the academic year. To help us measure progress accurately, assessments take place in regular cycles, followed by end-of-year formal examinations. In June 2023, MBS opened a Special Resource Provision, called K-Zone, for a small number of students with a diagnosis of autism who have an Education, Health and Care Plan. These students follow a mainstream curriculum for up to 80% of their timetable, but access an additional programme of support provided by our own team, as well as specialised support from external partners. 5

Marylebone Boys’ School 6 Our approach to teaching and learning was developed to ensure that our students succeed in every aspect of their education and are well-equipped for life beyond school. We call these our ‘Four Rs’ – resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflection. Resilience: Recovering from setbacks An MBS student will make excellent use of all opportunities provided. He will have determination to learn and seek further opportunities to extend his knowledge and learning both in and out of the classroom. He will take pride in completing homework and classwork to the very best of his ability. Resilience means that when a student makes a mistake, he will always be eager to know how he can improve. He will not be afraid to make mistakes. He will have a robust and spirited thirst for knowledge, learning and improving. MBS Learning Powers “ I cannot thank you enough for the effort, work and consideration for my son’s learning at Marylebone Boys’ School. He wouldn’t be in the place he is now without your help.” Parent of Year 9 student

Marylebone Boys’ School 7 Resourcefulness: Problem-solving An MBS student will ask enquiring and investigative questions. These questions often compare and contrast different events and theories, and ask probing or evaluative questions. He will make links between topics and look for opportunities to deepen his learning. Resourcefulness means that a student will use resources to find answers to his questions. He will seek to work things out methodically using problem solving skills and active thinking skills. Reciprocity: Working together An MBS student will work well in a team and be able to listen, respond and further a discussion. He will use peers and teachers to improve his own learning and support the learning of others. He will be encouraged to lead group work and to distribute roles effectively to maximise the performance of a team. Reciprocity means understanding “give and take” in group work and how to be an excellent communicator. Reflection: Understanding strengths and weaknesses An MBS student will look back over his ideas and classwork. He can identify strengths and weaknesses and how to improve. He will set himself challenging targets, independently look at work and address corrections regularly. Reflection means considering how well work has been done and seeing mistakes as opportunities.

Marylebone Boys’ School 8 In November 2022, we received our second Ofsted inspection and maintained a ‘Good’ rating in all categories of judgement. Ofsted commented that “students and their families appreciate this welcoming school. Students learn well here. They are polite and respectful, both towards each other and staff. Students are kept safe and feel well looked after.” In accordance with our inclusive approach, we teach tolerance for all and respect for the individual and we expect the highest moral standards from our students. The MBS values embody our inclusive ethos and are the heart of the school’s culture. The school cultivates a positive atmosphere where all religions and faiths are respected, and all students are in a safe and happy learning environment. A Friendly School “ My son has made a lot of progress in MBS. It has been an excellent experience for my child and we are very grateful for the support received.” Parent of Year 7 student

At MBS, students gain confidence in their ability to learn without being compared to girls. Knowing that learning pace varies considerably between boys and girls between the ages of 11–16, we want boys to be able to develop at their own speed and we use teaching methods which are especially relevant to boys and their learning styles. At 16, we aspire to see all our boys move into the next stage of their educational journey by taking A Levels at our Sixth Form Centre, where both boys and girls study together. We go above and beyond to inspire every student. We offer a diverse curriculum that focuses on academic excellence as well as personal development. Trips and experiences are key to developing students’ skills and knowledge, as well as inspiring them to think beyond school life. Marylebone Boys’ School 9

10 Making the most of our central London location. Our school is in the heart of London in Paddington Basin; our excellent transport links allow us to take advantage of the city’s world-class museums and rich culture. We have formed fantastic connections with businesses and charities around Paddington. These links create great opportunities for our students to explore their passions and discover their career pathways outside of the classroom. Personal development encompasses all the fundamental skills and attributes for a member of society who strives to be a responsible, respectful, and valued citizen of the world. Some of these skills include engaging in a healthy and active lifestyle, gaining the ability to reflect and think strategically and strengthening social and interpersonal skills. Each year group has a bespoke ‘MBS Passport’ that allows every student to collect evidence across the year and to showcase the skills they have developed. Extended Curriculum The ‘MBS Passport’ is a tool to track all the activities that students participate in outside of the classroom that serve to support their personal development. The passport is based on a unique milestone for each year group, also referred to as the ‘strapline’. We think about each students’ needs and realise that each of them has their own passions and interests they would like to explore. Our extended school day allows us to offer a rich programme of after-school clubs that reflect our staff and students’ interests and help to develop transferable skills that support their academic curriculum and boost cultural capital. These clubs aim to ignite a love of learning and allow students to gain skills that can be documented in their ‘MBS Passport’. The latest enrichment offer is on our website; the array of activities and clubs we offer typically includes sport, chess, design, drama, programming, Ancient Greek, a range of music groups and cooking club. The extended day also allows us to offer study support for students after school, which in turn helps them to become independent learners by completing their homework under teacher supervision in a supportive setting. We are proud to offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award as an opportunity for students in Year 9 and above. We give all Year 9 students the opportunity to complete the Year 9 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and Year 10 are offered the Silver Award. We believe the expeditions instil great skills such as teamwork, resilience and confidence in our students. To support the transition from primary to secondary school, we host a one-week summer school for our new Year 7 students that allows them to meet their peers, teachers and participate in taster lessons. This programme has proven to be very successful, allowing the students to form long-standing friendships and creates a seamless transition into school-life at MBS before they start in September. Marylebone Boys’ School “ I really enjoyed summer school. I made new friends before starting in September and met my future teachers. Plus, the activities were really fun too!” Year 7 summer school student

At Marylebone Boys’ School, we have a mission: To support students to achieve their full academic potential and become well-rounded, resilient citizens prepared for life beyond school through application and hard work. “ We have been very happy with the standard of education that my son has received with you. We have noticed him change and develop intellectually - he often comes home talking about discussions he found interesting in English, Critical Thinking and other classes.” Year 10 parent “ In Year 7, I started learning Latin having never studied it before. My teacher’s enthusiasm for the subject ignited a passion for the subject. I believe Latin is fundamental in all languages and having the opportunity to study this subject will take me far in life.” GCSE Latin student

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