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Here at MBS Sixth Form, we pride ourselves on being an academically rigorous school and offer our students a traditional programme of A Level courses.

To enrol at MBS Sixth Form, students must achieve the entry requirements as outlined below:

Pathway 1: A Level ONLY

Candidates must secure at least 5 Grade 6 GCSEs including Maths and English Language/Literature.

Pathway 2: BTEC Level 3 Diploma (equivalent to 2 A Levels) + 1 A Level

Candidates must secure at least 5 grade 5 GCSEs including at least a grade 4 in Maths and English Language.


We offer two pathways in MBS Sixth Form: 

Pathway 1: A Level programme 

Most pupils will study 3 A levels, students with exceptional GCSE results may study 4. Please note that A Level Further Mathematics is always considered a forth subject and must be taken alongside A Level Maths and 2 other subjects. 

Pathway 2: Mixed academic and vocational programme 

Students will study Level 3 BTEC Business, this takes two option blocks (B and C). A third subject must be selected from the other blocks, students must meet the entry requirements for the chosen A Level. 

If you choose to study Maths at A Level, then you could also study Further Maths as a fourth A Level. There is also the option for some students to take an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). These courses are studied in addition to three A Levels.


For all A Level selections the following criteria must also be met:


Minimum grade requirements

English Literature

Grade 7 in GCSE English Literature or Language


Grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics

Further Mathematics

Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics


Grade 7-7 in Trilogy Science?or Grade 7 in GCSE Biology


Grade 7-7 in Trilogy Science?or Grade 7 in GCSE Chemistry


Grade 7-7 in Trilogy Science?or Grade 7 in GCSE Physics 


Grade 6 GCSE Geography

Grade 6 GCSE English Language


Grade 6 GCSE History

Grade 6 English Language


Grade 6 GCSE English Literature or Language


Grade 6 GCSE Spanish


Grade 5 GCSE Literature AND Language


Grade 6 GCSE PE

Computer Science

Grade 6 GCSE Computer Science

Grade 5 GCSE Mathematics


Grade 5 English Literature or Language


Grade 6 English Literature or Language

Garde 6 in Science (Trilogy, Biology, Chemistry or Physics)


Grade 6 GCSE Mathematics

Grade 6 GCSE English Literature or Language

Business Studies

Grade 6 in English Literature or Language

Grade 6 in Mathematics


Grade 6 in English Literature or Language

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business

Grade 4 GCSE Mathematics

Grade 4 GCSE English Language

The table below shows the provisional blocking for 2024-25. You would be asked to choose one subject per block.

Sixth Form Curriculum booklet 2022-24

Please click on the downloadable link below to read more about our MBS Sixth Form curriculum.

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