MBS Sixth Form Prospectus 2023/24

Sixth Form Prospectus 2023/24

Marylebone Boys’ School 2 MBS Sixth Form Paddington 2 Message from the Headteacher Thank you for considering MBS Sixth Form. If you join us next September, you will become part of our driven and vibrant sixth form. Joining us will enable you to achieve outstanding results and reach your personal goals. With a comprehensive A Level curriculum and exciting enrichment programme, MBS prepares you for life after your studies, no matter what pathway you choose to take. If you are ambitious, hard-working and would like to be in the best location in London – MBS Sixth Form is the right choice for you. I hope you enjoy reading about our sixth form offer and I look forward to meeting you in the future. Richard Ardron Founding Headteacher of MBS Contents Introduction............................................................ 3 Our ideal location.................................................4 Curriculum............................................................... 5 Monitoring................................................................ 5 Support and Rewards.........................................5 Personal Development.......................................6 Success stories.......................................................8 The Sixth Form Centre ......................................9 Why MBS Sixth Form? ....................................10

MBS Sixth Form Paddington 3 Welcome to the MBS Sixth Form. Since opening in 2019, we have established an ambitious, co-educational sixth form offering a wide range of A Level and Level 3 courses. Our prime London location, in the heart of Paddington Basin, allows pupils to explore business opportunities and be inspired for their future careers. Our vibrant learning community of young people embodies our values of professionalism, productivity and positivity. We believe that the highest standards can be achieved by everyone, provided that they commit themselves positively to their studies. This is the approach that helps our students transition from GCSE to A Level. It develops them to become productive and professional learners. At MBS, we have a mission: To support students to achieve their full academic potential and become well-rounded, resilient citizens prepared for life beyond school through application and hard work. We set high academic standards for our students and are committed to outstanding teaching and learning, so that you will find yourself amongst like-minded students who want to achieve the highest results. Introduction

MBS Sixth Form Paddington 4 In 2021, the MBS Sixth Form moved into a new purpose-built site. Located 200 metres from the main school site, the sixth form centre offers our students modern, spacious classrooms, excellent ICT facilities, sports hall, well-equipped fitness suite and areas for students to participate in independent study. This site is exclusively for Year 12 and 13 pupils, allowing our students to have their own dedicated space. The students also have a range of fantastic facilities available to them at our main school site. For instance, there are specialist rooms for Design & Technology, Art, Music and Science. Our central location allows us to explore the many opportunities that London offers to provide a well-rounded educational experience. This includes a range of school visits and trips which are directly related to the curriculum or to building a wider understanding of the world. Our prime location has allowed us to form links with several multi-national companies, including Mitsubishi, Vodafone and Marks & Spencer. As well as this, we have fantastic links with many universities to help our students succeed after MBS. Forming these close-knit connections allows our students to capitalise on fantastic opportunities such as professional lectures, internships and work placements. This exposure allows students to develop an understanding of the corporate world, and the skills required to enter the professional industry. Our ideal location for a 21st Century Sixth Form

5 Our sixth form curriculum is designed to ensure our students can choose the right path, whether it be to attend university, go straight into a professional career or pursue a higherlevel apprenticeship. Our students have achieved places at distinguished universities. Those preparing to embark on an Oxbridge course or early entry courses are fully supported on their journey. Pupils who would like to apply are identified through our Connect Programme, so we can offer individual support from day one. This includes one-to-one mentoring and entrance exam practice. Pupils can take their examinations at our building as we are a registered Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Centre. Our teaching and learning culture is focused around the ‘Four Rs’ the 4Rs: Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflection and Reciprocity. By implementing and developing these different competencies, our students learn how to drive their own progress and thus achieve their desired outcomes. Curriculum MBS Sixth Form Paddington We believe it is essential to recognise students for their accomplishments and successes. We do this by regular shout-outs, student recognition and open communication between us, the student and parent/carer. Support and Rewards Sixth form students are expected to meet high standards in professionalism and in academic achievement. Student attendance, punctuality and behaviour is closely monitored by the sixth form tutors and sixth form leadership team. If a student experiences difficulties in one of these areas, appropriate support and intervention is swiftly put in place to ensure they get back on track. Monitoring

MBS Sixth Form Paddington 6 As our students develop and mature into adults, we are committed to providing them with exposure to a broad range of experiences beyond the classroom to help them define themselves and their individual future. We achieve this goal by ensuring that all our students: • Are developed through our extensive enrichment offer • Are well connected with national and international businesses in the local area to provide exciting work prospects • Benefit from a programme of trips to universities, career events, academic lectures, guest speakers and workshops • Participate in a one-week personal development programme to expand professional skills • Develop individual study skills through a robust tutor time programme • Have access to first-class facilities for sports, science, music, ICT and art Below is some further detail on the key aspects of our personal development programme: Year 12 Development Week Pupils at MBS Sixth Form participate in a one-week development programme in their first year of studies. During the week, each student is immersed into the world of work through a structured timetable of opportunities. This includes inspirational talks, group workshops and mock interviews to help develop their professional skills and confidence. Work experience and internships will also be on offer to each student. This experience enables students to put their theory-based learning into practice in the real world, ready for life after sixth form. Students are also able to gain advice regarding careers with our CEIAG Coordinator. Personal Development

7 UniFrog Students use UniFrog to chart their progress towards different competencies and to match them to their aspiration for university and careers. This then links to our full UCAS programme which begins in Year 12 and continues into Year 13, as the students learn about ‘Becoming the Next Generation of Professionals’. Through this process, we look to ensure students are making the best university choices and can submit high quality, competitive applications. Duke of Edinburgh We run a highly successful Duke of Edinburgh Award programme that sixth form students are encouraged to participate in at Gold level. Tutor Time Programme We have extensive academic and pastoral teams led by the Head of Year and form tutors that will support students to achieve their goals. This includes our ‘Tutor Time Programme’ where students must participate in extra-curricular activities on top of their studies. This comprises of online courses, which aim to develop leadership and enhance their learning beyond the classroom. This also provides pupils with great connections to some of the leading UK universities. School Prefect When joining MBS Sixth Form, students are given the opportunity to become a school prefect. We believe the students, as young adults, should be able to make informed decisions and given the opportunity to represent their student body. The prefect role instils fantastic leadership, resilience and team-building skills that students can carry with them throughout their educational and working life; prefects are committed leaders and role models who represent our community at open days and organise events within school. MBS Sixth Form Paddington

8 Name: Milo A Level subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science Name: Lydia A Level subjects: Biology, Physical Education, Psychology Name: Fawzia A Level subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Sociology Name: Diogo A Level subjects: Computer Science, Maths, Physics Name: Maab A Level subjects: English Literature, Psychology, Biology Name: Enkhtuguldur A Level subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology Name: John A Level subjects: Economics, Politics and English Literature Success stories Milo’s profile Click here Lydia’s profile Click here Fawzia’s profile Click here Diogo’s profile Click here Maab’s profile Click here Enkhtuguldur’s profile Click here John’s profile Click here Name: Rayhan A Level subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Philosophy Rayhan’s profile Click here

Our expectation is that all students demonstrate a professional attitude which will help them to succeed in their education and prepare them for their future careers. We are the right place for those who are looking for a community where everyone shares this ambitious approach. Sixth form students are the school’s role models. We expect pupils to follow our professional dress code and attend school punctually on a daily basis. As well as their timetabled lessons, students are provided with time to engage in independent study that is vital to succeed. Students are able to bring their own IT device or use the desktop PCs provided by the sixth form. The Sixth Form Centre has two spaces dedicated to students: there is a silent study area, supervised by staff, for committed independent study and support, as well as a social space where students interact, relax and develop their friendships. 9 MBS Sixth Form Paddington The Sixth Form Centre

10 We want you to achieve your dreams. We are committed to securing outstanding academic and personal outcomes for our students. In addition, our focus on an extended curriculum, combining academic intervention and enrichment activities, will ensure that you are ready for life after post-18. We are very proud of the achievements of our students who have secured excellent grades and places at top universities. We are a supportive school with a clear belief in providing a safe, successful and enjoyable experience for all our students. The connections we have in the local community are able to provide our students with fantastic educational experiences that they can take into life after MBS. Why MBS Sixth Form? In our last Ofsted inspection in 2022, the report stated: “Pupils and their families appreciate this welcoming school. Pupils learn well here. They are polite and respectful, both towards each other and staff. The curriculum is typically ambitious and well designed.” If you choose to join us in September, you will become a part of our wonderful school community. MBS Sixth Form Paddington

Created by www.concept4.com (ref J16596-10/2023). MBS Sixth Form 6 North Wharf Road W2 1LF herbs.pull.vital Telephone: 020 3143 7100 Website: www.MBSsixthform.org Email: sixthformadmissions@maryleboneschool.org Instagram: mbssixthform Tube and train lines Bakerloo, Circle, District, Elizabeth Line, Hammersmith & City, TfL Rail, Great Western Rail Buses 7, 18, 23, 27, 36, 46, 205, 332