Thorpe Park trip

Report by Mr Giles

MBS took to Thorpe Park on Thursday as part of the celebration trip offered to pupils. On the day, 250 pupils travelled on four coaches to the theme park, which when seen in the distance from the motorway, was met with screams of excitement and nerves.

Of course all of the Year 9 and 10 boys put on their bravest faces and told every teacher how they were not scared of any ride, however their teachers were unconvinced! The first ride of the day for most was The Swarm and before the boys got on, it was clear to see that some of them were trying hard to get into the zone by taking deep breaths to settle their nerves, as they waited in line, watching the ride swerve and twist upside down.

Onwards to Stealth, 0-80mph in 2.7 seconds. Mr Goldsmith and Mr Giles were worried about this one... not about the ride's speed and height... but just in case they lost any more hairs from the top of their head on an already rapidly receding hairline. The teachers put on a brave face and plucked up the courage, dealing with the heckling from on-looking pupils.

Many of the boys raved about how good rides such as Nemesis and Colossus were. Unfortunately our very own Mr Pourre could not muster up the courage to attempt this one as he was still recovering from his scare at the Waking Dead, the indoor roller coaster.

Overall the boys had a brilliant day and their behaviour was fantastic. The boys represented the school really well and made the staff extremely proud.

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