Trip to PA Media

On Monday afternoon, 14 of our budding journalists in Year 12 attended a two-hour workshop at PA Media. The students listened to several employees speak about their function at PA Media. From the Editor-in-Chief to a Sports Journalist, to an Entertainment Journalist covering news about the rich and the famous, the students learnt about what it takes to become a journalist and discussed their different pathways into journalism. 

Later on during the session, the students participated in a real-life media challenge created by PA Media. They watched an engaging five-minute clip of a man discovering he has won £190 million pound on the lottery, and finding out that he would like to give all his winnings to charity.

The budding young journalists had to take notes during the clip and then write their own news article on this story. They also learnt about 'teeline' shorthand, which is the written language journalists use when taking notes.

They produced fantastically witty and engaging stories, sharing them with one another and receiving feedback on their stories from the Editor-in-Chief. What a great afternoon and well done to all the Year 12 students involved.

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