Marylebone Boys’ School uniform list

We expect all of our students to wear our school uniform and we look for support from parents in ensuring that the boys take pride in their personal appearance while at school and on their way to and from the building. 

There are certain items with the school logo which must be obtained from our outfitters, Marks & Spencer, but the majority of items can be obtained from any high street retailer providing they conform to our colour code. The MBS school bag is compulsory and should be purchased directly from school. 

These items are compulsory and are available either at Marks & Spencer (M&S) online or from other retailers.  

Click here to access M&S school uniform website.  


Cost range 


Blazer with MBS logo (embroidered) 


£28.00 - £34.00 

Only from M&S 

Knitted jumper with MBS logo 


£13.00 - £15.00 

Only from M&S 

MBS School Tie


Only from M&S 

Embroidered white sports polo shirt with MBS logo 



£8.00 - £9.00 


Only from M&S 

Embroidered Navy PE short with MBS logo  

£8.50 - £9.50 

Only from M&S 

Long sleeved white shirt   

£13.00 - £19.00 pack of three 

M&S or other retailers 

Black school trousers 

£13.00 - £17.00 pack of two 

M&S or other retailers 

MBS school bag 


Only from school 

Black formal shoes – not trainer style 

£20.00 - £28.00


Football astro trainers – no studs or blades (any colour)  

£10.00 - £20.00 


Football studded boots for grass (any colour) 

£11.00 - £20.00 


The following items are optional and are available either from M&S or other high street retailers. 


Cost range 

Navy track bottoms 

£9.00 - £10.00 

Black socks (pack of five) 

£2.50 - £5.00 

Year 7 Welcome Pack  

Students starting Year 7 in September must purchase a welcome pack from school for £35.00. The payment can be made with a debit/credit card. The pack includes the following: 

  • MBS School bag with logo  

  • MBS school tie  

  • Summer reading book and instructions 

  • Gum shield for sports  


Hair & shoes guidance 

We are very proud of our boys at Marylebone Boys’ School and we would greatly appreciate your support in helping to keep the dress standards and professional appearance of our students at the heart of our success.

Appropriate school shoes:

Lace up, leather or leather substitute shoes, formal

Velcro shoes but only in a smart, non-trainer style

Some trainer-like shoes are marketed as ‘school shoes’. Marylebone Boys’ School does not consider these ‘formal leather shoes’.


Hair colour should be of natural colour. We do not permit any lines or markings to be cut into hairstyles or eyebrows. The Headteacher will make the ultimate decision on whether a student’s appearance is acceptable in line with our uniform policy and we reserve the right to send home any pupil whose hair or uniform does not meet our professional expectations.

Hair styles not permitted:

  • Lines or tracks – any kind of line or pattern shaved into the side or top of the head.
  • Shaved hair – Hair should not be shorter than a grade 3.
  • Long hair – Hair should be off the collar.
  • Graduated or stepped haircuts – hair which is shaved less than a grade 3 at the sides and long on top.
  • Shaved lines in eyebrows.


No piercings or jewellery are allowed to be worn in school.

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