Vertex mock interviews for Year 11

Today we were delighted to host 26 volunteers from Vertex Pharmaceuticals on their company-wide 'Global Day of Service’ day. The Year 11 cohort each received a 25-minute mock interview focused on post-16 options and future aspirations. The volunteers asked a number of questions to help the students talk about their future plans and what they might need to do to succeed. This discussion covered many post-16 options such as sixth form, college or an apprenticeship.  This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to engage with professionals working locally in the Paddington business hub and to develop their skills by talking through their goals and future ambitions.  

Activities such as this are vital to careers education and very much help our students to have a clearer vision of their goals after leaving school. The volunteers were very impressed with the students’ professionalism, emotional intelligence and dedication to their future goals. Well done gentlemen! 

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 15.40.54.png

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