World Book Day activities

World Book Day activities  Thursday 3 March saw the school enjoy all things book related.   We celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day with a focus and theme of reading for pleasure.  We wanted our students to think about books in terms of a fun pastime and to enjoy the process of reading and being read to.   Our teachers let the boys know what they were reading by completing posters that they stuck onto their classroom doors.  The selection of books being read by staff is a wonderful testament to how varied and unique our staffs' reading choices are. Many boys engaged in interesting discussions with staff on their choice of books and came to request the titles in our library.  The boys were read to in many lessons throughout the day.  When teachers stopped reading in the lesson many students were disappointed and couldn't wait to hear what happened in the story in the next lesson.  A debate arose in the library among the Year 7 students, many hinting that they had not guessed the twist in the tale of the book Seven Ghosts by Chris Priestly.  Our Year 8 students enjoyed the imaginative and creative world of Eerie-on-Sea in Malamander by Thomas Taylor.  Our Year 9s really enjoyed the special voice of Jason Reynolds that shines through in his short stories Look Both Ways.  Our Year 10 students engaged with a series of book extracts with a central theme of diversity and tolerance throughout. An extract by Benjamin Zephaniah about a young man's experience of riots in Birmingham was the one they talked about the most.  Boys from all years have signed up to and eagerly await the Manga and Comic Book Clubs, and over 50 quizzes were completed in the library. Prizes were handed out and the library experienced record numbers of students visiting and loaning books on the day.      


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