Year 7 visit to local gallery

On Tuesday 16 November, Year 7 Art students visited the Ambika P3 Gallery on Marylebone Road to experience Catherine Yass' ‘Falling Away’ exhibition on landscapes and the London built environment. The exhibition provokes us to think about the conditions of social and psychological instability in which we currently live. It draws attention to the vital role of public services, whose fragility has been exposed by the ongoing pandemic.  One of Yass’s films documents a hospital undergoing demolition from the perspective of the dying building, revealing a beleaguered NHS, in another film, the BBC appears vulnerable as its visionary TV Centre is dismantled for real estate. Yass uses the built environment as a metaphor for social commentary. The students had a very inspiring time experiencing art in such an immersive way and we look forward to a creative workshop with the artist in school next month. Photos from the visit can be viewed on Facebook here  


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