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At MBS, we believe in supporting the personal development of our students. We recognise that our students are individuals who all have their own talents, interests and life goals. During the 7 years students spend at MBS, they have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities that support their personal development, and we take care to ensure that these opportunities are appropriate to the Key Stage that the student is in.

Each year group is given a 'strapline' which is the overall goal for the activities they will be involved in each year. Whilst these activities are aimed at developing the student beyond the classroom we also use them to support their academic studies.

The 'MBS Passport' is designed to be progressive. Each year students build on the skills and experience of the previous year. Our aim is that by completing all the stages of the 'Passport', our students will be in a position to be positive members of the community and be armed with the skills and personal qualities needed to enter higher education and a professional fulfilling career.


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